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898 Geriatric Dentistry, Summer 2005

The dentist is a key member of the health delivery team. This didactic course teaches the student how to render comprehensive oral health care and teach prevention to a dynamic, diverse and rapidly growing elderly population. Since chronology does not always equal physiology, younger patients with significant medical, physical, mental disabilities and sensory deficits are eligible for treatment in Geriatric Dentistry. Students will learn the complexity of aging, patient management and the importance of dentistry in total patient care. In the three clinic sessions, students evaluate their patients holistically, which includes medical history, nutritional assessment, medications, diagnostic radiographs, and prevention. A comprehensive treatment plan is developed; treatment is started and is to be completed in the general practice clinics. Please note that the course as presented here does not contain the full content of the course as taught at Tufts. The included content is based on material the Tufts faculty and instructors choose to include, as well as factors such as content preparation, software compatibility, and intellectual property and copyright restrictions.

Course Authors

Michael Kahn | Hilde Tillman | Richard Dupee | Terrence Griffin | Elizabeth Krall | Nancy Moczynski | Lisa Neff | Charles Rankin | David Thaler

  • Course Level: Under Grad
  • Subject: Education and Teaching
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  • Language: English
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