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Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Decision Making

Please note that this qualification is only available until 31 December 2014. In order to claim this qualification you must have completed the required 120 credits by this time. This qualification is not available to new students. If you have any questions about your eligibility for this qualification please contact the Qualifications and Ceremonies Centre on +44 (0)1908 653003 or by email. If you are interested in studying environmental management please see instead our Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management (E79) . This postgraduate diploma course is part of the environmental decision making (EDM) postgraduate programme and is designed to help you meet the challenges of environmental decision making in the context of sustainable development. Once you have obtained the postgraduate diploma, you can go on to study for the MSc in Environmental Decision Making (F13) . The programme also offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Decision Making (K07) . From local planning issues to global challenges of climate change and energy conservation, environmental decision making is becoming increasingly important to everyone. The environmental decision making (EDM) postgraduate programme was established to meet the challenges of environmental decision making in the context of a changing world. It is designed to meet the needs of specialists, managers and the public for postgraduate level environmental education. Everyday concerns of environmental protection, natural resource management and rapidly changing environmental legislation and policy are considered in global and local contexts. The modules teach the skills you need to unpack the issues and participate creatively in the process of making environmental decisions, in all sectors of society. The EDM programme is for people who are interested in designing, managing and participating in more effective environmental decision-making processes. Students on this programme are drawn from industry, commerce, local government, consultancies, non-governmental organisations and communities. They include people already involved in the decision-making process and those who wish to be - either personally or professionally. Whatever your background this programme will widen your knowledge of environmental decision making and develop your skills in making informed decisions about environmental issues, whether at work, in your community or at home. This programme offers qualifications at postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma and MSc levels.

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