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Reporting Global Issues Locally

This course was created to help you shrink the world and bring it to your readers, your viewers, your listeners. Every day, reporters and editors in small- and medium-sized newsrooms miss opportunities for great stories because they don't know how to take ownership of major international news. Most big international stories have ripples that reach even the smallest of communities. "Reporting Global Issues Locally" will show you how to find the local angle in the broadest of international stories. For instance, you don't have to go to China to report on the recall of toys made there - they are sold at your local toy store. You don't have to go to go overseas to report on job losses - you have companies in your area that outsource jobs to other countries. The key is coming up with story ideas and then figuring out how to do the research and find the statistics that help you bring these stories home. This course will help you do all of that. It's packed with tips and links to Web sites that provide a wealth of information.

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