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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms



Online learning made easy 

Did you know that you can learn to code, speak Spanish, and create your own website for free? One of the most significant advantages of the Internet is the vast amount of information that we all have at our fingertips. You can use this knowledge to learn more about the working world and improve your chances of landing a number of job opportunities. 




We'll look at the best websites that offer the most basic, easy-to-understand courses available today. These sites are certain to help you locate the appropriate course for you, whether you have a specific interest in something, a limited amount of time or simply want to learn more about a subject, take a look below. 


HubSpot Academy  

HubSpot is an excellent course site that offers a variety of beginner lessons in sales, marketing, web design, and development. They're completely free, and you may choose from a variety of courses ranging from one hour to nine hours. 

Google Digital Garage 

One of the best and most user-friendly course websites is Google Digital Garage, it includes clear speaking presenters, easy to follow graphics and mock tests. They have over 150 alternative courses, like digital marketing fundamentals (which includes a free certificate), basic coding, and social psychology, to name a few. These are all completely free too. 

Future Learn  

This site contains a database of hundreds of free and paid courses in business, social media, history, science, IT, and a variety of other subjects, as well as brief bite-size courses and hobbies. They collaborate with a number of well-known educational institutions and universities to offer easy-to-follow lessons with homework and a discussion platform for students. 


There are over 500 courses to choose from, mostly IT focussed on digital marketing, investing and trading, web development, and personal growth.  The courses are all free however for a fee you do get extra’s like one to one support with instructors and certificates. 


Open Learn 

Here, you can choose to do bitesize courses in a variety of free subjects such as history, art, society, politics and law. You can choose a distance learning course with The Open University, which is like a university class with deadlines, tutors, and classmates but all done online. If you choose a distance learning course, these can take 1 - 2 years but can add credit to an existing degree if you have one.  


 Skillshare is a well-designed learning platform with over 26,000 courses and an equally well-designed app. The video content is of exceptional quality, as one would expect from a platform that has well-known educators from the fields of media, design, art, and tech, along with leadership and entrepreneurship. A monthly subscription is required to access all the courses, although it may be cancelled at any time, and there are monthly free trials available. 


LinkedIn Learning  

With over 16,000+ online courses taught by experts in the field, LinkedIn Learning is a godsend for jobseekers and professionals alike. This is a paid subscription service however your first month is free, and it's a fantastic learning experience. 

 The courses are offered via high-definition video and vary from beginner to intermediate in difficulty. As you complete courses related to your sector, you can include them on your LinkedIn profile to show potential employers that you are committed to continuing your education. 




 Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms. It's a website that collaborates with institutions and organisations all over the world to bring a diverse range of topics and perspectives into one searchable database. As a result, the site offers a wide choice of in-depth courses. 


Some Coursera courses offer completion certificates to show that you completed the course. Coursera is an excellent place to start if you prefer learning in an organised classroom-style environment and wish to do it at home. 



 EDX is another excellent resource for free online education. It provides entire online courses with instructors, online forums, quizzes, and other features, but it primarily focuses on (and excels at) maths, science, and technology subjects. The site contains outstanding, high-quality content for everyone, as it brings together courses from a variety of schools. 


Skill Success 

 Over 2,000 video-based courses are available via Skill Success to help you improve in your job. Business, Technology, and Career Development are among the themes covered, and the majority of the content is aimed towards beginners. 


The first 30 days of access are completely free, and it could be a terrific way to get a rapid overview of a range of things you've been intending to explore. This educational website is also known for its beginner creative classes, such as piano and photography. 



Thanks for reading, and we hope you find a great course that suits you! Be sure to check out our huge database with many more online courses here 



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