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Trigonometry: Trigonometric Functions II

Trigonometric Functions Lesson Components: This lesson consists of a workbook, animated solutions, and quizzes. Workbook: This lesson has a printable workbook that is found in the Materials section of the Introduction. Students should make two printouts of this workbook. Label the first printout "Lecture Notes" , and label the second printout "Practice" . Videos: The videos present a fully animated solution for each question in the workbook. Quizzes: A short quiz is provided at the end of each day's material. Learning How to Do Trigonometry Strategy: This lesson takes four days to complete, with a time commitment of 60-75 minutes each day. Students should work through this lesson as follows: Watch the videos and fill in your Lecture Notes workbook. (30 - 45 minutes) In the Practice workbook, do the examples you just learned on your own, without external help. This step is required to reinforce the concepts and gain mastery. (15 - 30 minutes) Curriculum Fit: This lesson explores its subject matter in full depth. Teachers are encouraged to compare this lesson with their local standards and assign examples to their students accordingly. Calculator: Calculator references in this lesson apply to the TI-83/83+/84 series

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