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Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IV

The basic objective of Unified Engineering is to give a solid understanding of the fundamental disciplines of aerospace engineering, as well as their interrelationships and applications. These disciplines are Materials and Structures (M); Computers and Programming (C); Fluid Mechanics (F); Thermodynamics (T); Propulsion (P); and Signals and Systems (S). In choosing to teach these subjects in a unified manner, the instructors seek to explain the common intellectual threads in these disciplines, as well as their combined application to solve engineering Systems Problems (SP). Throughout the year, the instructors emphasize the connections among the disciplines.

Course Authors

Prof. Paul A. Lagace | Prof. Raul Radovitzky | Prof. Mark Drela | Col. Peter Young | Prof. Steven Hall | Prof. Ingrid Kristina Lundqvist | Prof. Gustaf

  • Course Level: Under Grad
  • Subject: Science
  • Fees: TBA
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Available
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